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Rules and Regulations.

The school being an Islamic one, the Islamic code of morality and conduct will be strictly adhered to. This forms the bedrock of our discipline and constitutes the unwritten laws of the school.

Dicipline :

  • A respectable attitude towards the school staff which comprises teaching and non teaching.
  • To bring books according to the class time table.
  • To use English as spoken language while in school.
  • To follow instructions given by school authorities including prefects / monitors.
  • Chewing gum, seeds & tobaccos etc products are prohibited.
  • Acts of indiscipline, use of intemperate language inside or outside the class will attract penal action.
  • Any damage caused to the school property due to
    • Inadvertence (negligence) will have to be compensated for
      wilful acts will attract both compensation and a penal action.
  • Female students are not allowed to wear any makeup or nail polish during school time.
  • No jewellery is allowed.
  • Students who are late will not be allowed to enter the class without a written permission from the school administration
  • Once they enter the school gate, the students will not be allowed to leave the school premises unless they have written authorization from the school administration.
  • Students are required to bring their books, school supplies and diary to school everyday.
  • Students are supposed to submit their assignments on time.
  • The school is not responsible for the loss of property of students. Students must look after their own valuables.
  • The school will take disciplinary action against any student who cause disturbance to the school environment.
  • Students who are absent from school during a year for more than 10 days in a year may not be allowed to sit for the examination. 95% attendance is compulsory to be considered for promotion to next higher grade.
  • Students who miss the exam without valid reasons will receive failing grades.
  • The school will take severe disciplinary action against students who are caught cheating.
  • The school will not allow any student suffering from communicable diseases to return to school without medical evidence indicating that he/she has fully recovered from illness.
  • Students are expected to respect the school staff and follow their instructions.
  • Parents and guardian are expected to inform the school of any change of address or telephone number etc.
  • Mobile phones, walkman, MP3/4, cameras are not allowed, The administrators reserve the right to confiscate the above if not permitted in advance.
  • Students are expected to obey all of the school rules and regulations.

Al sadiq Islamic English School ensures complete development of the students skills and talents in a positive environment. The students are expected to be obedient, well behaved and have high moral values.

To acquire a complete healthy environment and contributing to the prevention of any negative aspect in the behavior these regulations would assist in creating of a positive scholastic climate dominated by awareness, discipline and order.

If a student violates any of the under given rules of discipline, the parents will be immediately notified and action will depend upon the severity of the act.


Prohibited items
  • Possession or use of mobile/cell phone in the school, campus or bus
  • Possession or use of chewing gums, seeds or other prohibited items (tobacco or its products)
Prohibited items will be

Confiscated and returned only at the end of the academic year to the parents.

  • 1st warning – written warning
  • 2nd warning – written warning followed by suspension
  • 3rd warning – expulsion from school
Uniform Code 
  • Proper school uniform to be worn every day 
  • Uniform must be clean and tidy and the sleeves buttoned 
  • Shirt to be properly tucked in (boys)
  • Normal/simple haircut for boys, Trendy hair cut will not be allowed
  • Girls should wear proper Hijab (white shaila)
(No alterations allowed in the school uniform)

  • Students not in proper uniform will not be allowed to attend the classes
  • If repeatedly found not following the uniform code, violator will not be allowed to attend the classes 
  • Parents undertaking and assurance will be sought 
Reporting late/Absence

  • Students often reporting late 
  • Parents should inform the school about the absence of their diary
  • 1 day absence – note in the diary 
  • 2 or more days – separate medical leave letter from doctor/hospital
  • Student absent without information for more than one week

  • Coming late will be marked in the school diary, parents informed and frequent latecomers will not be allowed to attend the classes, parent will sign undertaking
  • The students being absent without information, their names will be struck off the school roll.
  • Disrespect to any member of teaching or non-teaching faculty in school or in bus
  • Disobeying or arguing with the teachers
  • Suspension from the school for two days and parents have to sign undertaking and assure that it will not be repeated again.
  • If repeated the student will be expelled from the school.
  • Bullying, fighting, pushing or verbal abuse/ aggressiveness shown towards students or staff 
  • Running around in the class
  • Disturbing the teaching learning process/ disruptive behaviour in the class or missing classes or not attending the school without information
  • Repeatedly breaking the classroom rules
  • Breaking Laboratory rules
  • 1st warning – written warning
  • 2nd warning – written warning followed by suspension
  • 3rd warning – expulsion from school
  • Violator will not be allowed to attend the classes and parents will have to sign the MOE warning letter and ensures that such acts will not be repeated again.
  • Not completing home assignments/ projects on time
  • Parents will be informed so as to help their ward complete the assignments on time
  • Violating the examination ethics 
  • Duplicating parents or teachers signature
  • As first warning violator will not be allowed to appear for the remaining exams 
  • If repeated expulsion from school 
  • Misuse of ICT facilities in the school
  • Posting mails/ videos that are derogatory / vulgar or propagating hatred 
  • Zero tolerance on cyber bullying. Parents and students using social media should demonstrate respect to school and all members of school community
  • Expulsion from school without any warning
  • Not performing the Zuhr prayers in the school
  • Student will not be allowed to attend the classes. Parents have to sign the undertaking and assurance
  • Commits deeds against honor and honesty or religious values inside the school 
  • Deliberately damages school properties
  • If he is sentenced a final judgement for a crime or misdemeanor which is against honor or honesty
  • Immediate expulsion from school.
  • Conversing in any other language other than English, in the school campus or in the bus
  • Violator will be asked to write imposition.