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Open House Meetings

Open House Meetings provides a valuable occasion for a direct contact with teachers teaching the subjects, so that the parents are afforded an opportunity to personally discuss with the subject teacher the shortcomings of the pupils in which they happen to be non achievers

Report Cards:

Report card is a periodic record of your child’s achievements. The essence of report card issuance is a personal discussion of the drawbacks of the child with the parents. Hence report card will in all circumstances be issued personally to the parents only. however, in emergency situations, the same could be issued to a person duly authorized by the parent.

School Diaries:

School Diaries are a vital channel of communication between the parents and teachers. You can monitor the negative progress of your child through Diaries and adopt timely corrective measures. Hence parents will be required to go through the diaries on a daily basis and do the needful accordingly. Each noting in the diary should be initialled by the parent.