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General Advice to Parents

The parents are requested to 

  • Respect the school dress code keeping in mind Islamic Ethics.(to avoid wearing short pants/sleeveless T-shirt or Top when you come to school).
  • Talk/share/Encourage-Achieve this by spending quality time with your child.
  • Send your child to school regularly, on time and in full uniform.
  • Avoid taking leaves during the term.
  • Support your child’s education by encouraging him/her to complete home learning assignments diligently and providing other opportunities for learning.
  • Keep the school informed about any developments/change at home that may affect the child’s learning.
  • Attend Parent Teacher Meeting and Open House whenever held.
  • Respond immediately to concern calls from the school.
  • Read all correspondence from the school and respond quickly when necessary.
  • Ensure that your child while he/she is using the Internet.
  • Be part of Parent Council.
  • Help the school with your feedback and suggestions(can use the suggestion box)
  • Provide correct contact details and update whenever there is a change.
  • Promote Reading habits (Newspaper,Magazines etc.
  • Develop in your child a positive attitude and respect towards teachers, peer and the school.
  • Ensure your ward carries books and other required materials as per the class timetable.
  • Check the school bag randomly to make sure no unnecessary things are taken to the school.
  • Regularly check the school website for updates and information.