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Sale of books and uniform in school

21st Jun 2017

Sale of books and uniform in school



Assalam- o –Alaikum

Dear Parents,                                                        

  1. Please find appended below the important dates for the new academic year (2017-2018)

Reopening dates for students

Day / Date


Orientation for parents and students of KG1  to Grade 10



Sunday, 10th September 2017

Session 1                    8:30-9:30am

Session 2               10:00-11:00am

Session 3               11:30-12:30pm

School reopens for students of  Grade II to XI

Monday 11th September 2017

7:25 am- 1:40pm

School reopens for students of Grade I                               

Tuesday 12th September 2017

7:25am- 1:40pm

School reopens for students of  KG1 & KG 2

Wednesday 13th September 2017

7:25 am- 11:40am


Sale of Text Books, Note Books, School Diary – in school (Full set only)

Sale of Text books, Note books & diary

(Full set only) – in school

Available in school from

5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th September 2017

8:30am – 2:00pm

             (In School)

Sale of School Uniform in school


Sale of School Uniform at school

*(Full set only) With Shoes and Socks

Note: Complete change in uniform and uniform suppliers.


Available in school from

27th August to 10th September 2017 Except on 10th and 11th Zilhajj (Eid Holidays)

8:30am – 3:30pm

            (In School)


Sale of Uniform in Outlets of




Ramez Mall- Behind Cricket Stadium Sharjah

Al Nahda opposite NMC Hospital Duabi

Call Center


  1. It is compulsory to buy the text books and note books (full set only) from KG to Grade XI from the school bookstore. Please do not buy from outside to avoid variation in publisher, illustrations etc.
  2. School Uniform will be available with our official supplier “THREADS”. There is a complete change in uniform. You are advised to buy the uniform from the official supplier to avoid any variation in colour & pattern in uniform & shoes. Students are advised to buy at least three pairs of regular school uniform, two pairs of sports uniform and two pairs of ties. Pre-book your uniform to avoid last minute rush. *School Shoes and Socks are included in the set.
  3. As informed earlier school will not be able to issue any documents such as Transfer Certificate/Leaving Certificate/Conduct certificate etc…. during the vacation from 25/6/2017 to   31/8/2017. However the school accounts and registration office will remain open during summer vacation from 8:00am-1:00pm.
  4. If re-registration is not done it will be the sole responsibility of the parent, if the seat of your ward(s) is allocated to new students seeking admission. Also re-registration of school transport is required even if your children are currently using the bus. More info on school website

We wish to thank you for the support and co-operation you have always extended to the school.

Happy Vacation!

Yours sincerely,                                              

Tajammul A.M.                                                                                                                                                                        

Principal                                                                                                                                                                                                          21/06/2017